Beast Labs Logo Concepts

Beast Labs
Logo Concepts

In 2018 Observint Technologies formed a marketing arm of the company that assists customers with creating business webpages & social media accounts.


The first design is meant to convey a more direct message of the type of business that Beast Labs offers. Using the soft charcoal with the smooth teal gradient allows the mark to be bold without being loud. You note it’s presence but are not overwhelmed by the more literal design.



Line art is delicate and striking. A line art rhino gives the logo a whimsical twist in contrast with structured typography. A fun take on the “beast” part of the service’s name allows the branding to be more approachable but striking.



Bold but professional is what this mark is all about. If you’re naming your marketing service “Beast Labs,” why not lean into it? Pairing the bull and bear combination illustration with the serif font allows the logo to be professional for the clients the business will work with while still having a striking style.