KitchenSnap Branding & Web Design

KitchenSnap was a eCommerce website owned by Key Ingredient. The website sold higher end kitchen cookware that would be promoted alongside the recipes on Key Ingredient.

My task was to bring the store to life with branding and designing the site.


When creating the logo for KitchenSnap, it was vital that the branding was similar to Key Ingredient, but still encompassed its own style. I chose to work with the grey and green color palette to convey a fresh, refined feeling.


This was the initial design for the homepage. It was required to have a spot of images and advertising at the top, and a section for a list of products at the bottom. The products at the bottom were able to change through a content management system.


These are photos of the wireframes I drew while in a meeting discussing our plan for the website.


My goal for this page was to create a simple, straightforward way for the customer to learn about a product. I have found myself frustrated when online shopping and not being able to find simple things like dimensions. A simple flow through the information that a customer would need while shopping creates a feeling of trust between the brand and the customer.